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Interiordesigner and stylist Around Amsterdam and Utrecht

Leafing through magazines or just scrolling online, you will encounter the most beautiful interiors. But when you start working on your own (new) home, it’s just different. Often it turns out to be difficult to design your dream home. Soon you will get bogged down in a plethora of choices. An interior which is designed well, helps you to optimally and creatively organize the space. And besides that, of course it should be furnished beautifully. Prevent bad purchases and it will save you a lot of research.

Are you moving, (re)building or is your interior ready for a major makeover? And do you live around Amsterdam or in the region of Utrecht? Then we are happy to make a design for you, so that you can feel at home in your new interior every single day!

What we stand for

Studio Binnen is a small and personal interior design agency. We are passioned about beautiful interior and design, often inspired by the Scandinavian style. We are practical, think in executable plans and believe in short communication lines. Our studio is based in the center of Utrecht. View a selection of the projects we have realized. 

Are you curious about our designers? Meet our team here. 

Method & pricing

It’s good to know that Studio Binnen only offers complete interior designs around Amsterdam and Utrecht. In any case, we will work on the complete living area/ground floor. Additionally, it is possible to add spaces to your design. For example: your bedroom, bathroom or the study room.

We developed a step-by-step plan. Click here to see the steps. After delivery of the complete design, you can start immediately with the execution. We can connect you to good vendors and professionals.

During an informal chat, of course we will discuss your wishes and provide you with a tailor-made offer. Here is a sneak peek of our pricing:

Indicative price for living area: €3995- €5395

Indicative price for extra spaces: from €895


Do you like our method and suits it the type of help you look for? We would like to hear from you! You can fill the contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

The step-by-step plan



In our first (non-binding) introduction, we will discuss your living needs and style. This will be the solid base for our offer and action plan.



For an optimal fit to your taste and style, we create a moodboard in which the style of the new interior is visualized. These starting points will be discussed with you, before we begin with the design itself.


Layout/ 3D-Design

We create different layouts of the spaces. This is where the fun starts: you will see that a lot of fun and exciting layouts are possible, some of them being completely new for you. Together we will choose a layout which suits your situation the best. This will be elaborated in a 3D drawing, to view the design in the most realistic way.


Light plan

Based on the chosen layout, we will make the light plan. The first part consists of the technical lighting (spots, mounted and wall lighting) needed for an optimal lighting of the space. The second part is the decorative lighting (hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps). We advise which type of light sources are needed and which luminaires suit the style of the interior optimally.


Colors and materials

This plan consists of a choice for specific materials. For example the flooring, walls, wallpaper, window treatments and kitchen materials. Additionally, we choose colors for walls and woodwork. We ensure that all materials and colors are matched nicely.


Custom design

Custom design often offers the a wide range of possibilities to use the space optimally. For example a kitchen, built-in closets, en suite cabinets with (steel) sliding doors. We provide the design, together we will choose the materials and supply all needed drawings for the furniture maker. For the realization, we partner with our regular furniture maker Moonmade.



We select the furniture and accessories needed for the decoration of your home. We will provide you with a shopping list, consisting of products, prices and vendors. For some of the products, we can arrange the procurement.


Interim delivery

Naturally, we will involve you in the creation of the design. Therefore, we will meet mid-term. Here you can see the design in 3D and have the chance to comment your likes and dislikes. If the design is as required, we will finalize the design.


Final delivery

You will receive a printed bundle and all digital files. Together we will go through these and you will again have a look at the selected colors and materials. The plan is detailed in such a way, you will be able to start with the realization immediately. Studio Binnen has a network of excellent furniture makers, painters, handymen and contractors in the region of Utrecht. We can connect you with our network, to realize your custom design.